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“I would highly recommend Taylor for any interior design needs. She is bright, creative, listens to the needs of the client, dependable and a true resource for all types of design.  She works well with clients in person and remotely.  She has truly transformed all of my living and working areas and I would hire her again.”  - Anne A.

"Taylor did an amazing job with my home from top down with paint, furniture, and accessory ideas, as well as coordination and use of existing pieces. Her ability to quickly assess, clarify, and explain with learned principles of design solidified her qualifications, gained my trust, and allowed me to be open to her ideas.  My home is now finished, but I'll have to find something else for her to be a part of.  She is such a pleasure to work with, with her steadfast inspiration. Awesome job, Taylor!"  - DeLisa S. 

"Taylor is exceptionally talented. I have had the pleasure of working with her on several of my homes. One of the things that sets her apart is that she truly listens to her clients.  Rather than simply imposing her ideas on the project, she hears what you are telling her.  After carefully considering options, she presents them to the client without making them feel overwhelmed. The end result each time has been spectacular and satisfying, with spot-on paint colors, thoughtful fabrics and  furnishings, and remarkable details.  The finished look is both polished and comfortable with a style
that endures."  - Jan l. 

"We worked with Taylor on a new home development project in North Florida. She is a truly gifted interior designer, but that does not come close to describing her capability and what she brings to my home building team. One of Taylor’s best attributes is that she closely listens to her clients. It sounds simple, but is crucial to a good partnership. Taylor diligently looks at the whole picture of what it is you’re wanting. She is very detail oriented, has great organizational skills, and is an excellent communicator. All of these attributes are essential when dealing with the many decisions that go into building and designing homes. She is also very good at coming up with other options when the budget is getting tight. This is a gift to me as well as those building with me! I recommend Taylor to anyone who is building a new home or wants to improve the image of their home or business."  - Mark R., MARO Custom Homes

"Taylor is a truly gifted interior designer and I would highly recommend her! My husband and I were looking to refresh our living space but had different ideas on how to make this happen. We decided to call in Taylor's help. Taylor listened to each of us and brought us together with a design plan that we both loved. She suggested custom woodwork and new furniture, and showed us how we could use some of our existing items in new ways. We absolutely love our new updated living space and have received so many compliments from neighbors and friends. I love that Taylor was able to refresh our area with a design that is not only beautiful but also functional while staying within our allotted budget. I would definitely use her again!"  - Dawn and Ric F.

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